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BRC / IoP Quality Assurance
Printeq Ltd
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At Printeq Ltd. we acknowledge that, in the modern era, simply having a press and
competitive pricing is not enough to satisfy buyers from all industries.
Within areas such as food packaging and pharmaceuticals there is an understandable
demand on manufacturers to provide evidence of quality control and traceability of raw
materials. Since 2004 all labels supplied by Printeq Ltd. have BRC / IoP certification
relating to Food Packaging and Other Packaging Materials. This certification requires
annual audits to confirm that the standards required to attain the certification are
consistently achieved and adhered to.
Developed by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) a UK trade organisation
that represents the interests of the UK retailers, in conjunction with the
Institute of Packaging, the BRC/IoP Global Standard - Packaging and Other
Packaging Materials - was developed to assist retailers and manufacturers
in meeting their legal obligations. The standard provides a common basis
for the certification of companies supplying packaging to retailers  and